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"Primate Fiasco: my favorite new musical discovery"
-Martin Anderson, WNCW radio (North Carolina)

"..this act was to me one of the most adventurous of any act here (Floydfest), period."
-Tad Dickens of Roanoke Times

"..Trust me: You're a Primate Fiasco fan. You just don't know it yet"
-Jeff Giles of Dadnabit

Best Childrens Album

Valley Advocate
BEST OF Poles 2008-present

WWUH, 91.3 FM
Top 10 Americana Albums
New England Music Awards
Jazz act of the year (nomination until March 2015)

"..The Fiasco's strategy was both bold and cunning. Rather than trying to emulate Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's masterpiece with a reverent forgery, they toppled it to the ground and picked up the pieces they liked best. While their own formidable talents as musicians anchored the homage, they also relied heavily on guest performers from local bands, and much of the night was a tight collaboration between the band and its exuberant fans..." -Mark Rossler, Valley Advocate

"Dave is one of the community's recent arrivals and he's already become a big cultural catalyst... He doesn't let rules thwart his missions. The dude abides, but does Jedi mind tricks within the rules. He makes things happen. He puts them in motion and people fall into his slipstream... .[Russo] is an ideal candidate for an NAC grant & supporting this project and Dave in general is like giving a power pellet to Pac Man or something. He's going to do some serious chomping." -Jim Niell, Iron Horse Entertainment

"if anyone can walk this particular tightrope successfully, it is the Valley's finest sonic antidote to feeling low." -James Heflin of Valley Advocate

"Primate Fiasco. It's so great to watch this fabulously fun Dixieland pop extravaganza play on the street in Northampton (with hula-hooper in tow) that you can't find parking anymore. Why do they have to be so entertaining?" -Valley Advocate