I keep noticing that everyone in the room is smiling - Wes Talbot

I think I'm having a near life experience - Courtney Parker

I liked you guys a lot better than the other band - fans at the Iron Horse when we opened for DIRTY DOZEN BRASS. We strongly question this comment.

Read a review of GEEK DREAMS by Kid HoopaSonic of

I liked your chord substitutions on "saints" - guitarist for New Orleans Jazz heros, DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND

What a great way to play saints. Interesting chord substitutions on "when the saints" - Trombone player for New Orleans Brass band, BONERAMA

Ok, what the hell is a chord substition and what are the chords to "saints"? - Fiasco banjo player, Dave DelloRusso

I just found out, this music is in my happy place (hand on heart) - Cassidy at Show in Northampton

What the hell is this? - woman on Mill Ave

Oh my god! Look it this! I can't stop smiling now! This is so weird! - a really pretty girl at an AZ Party

Dude... - some dude at AZ party

I didn't know four white boys could play a trombone like that - black guy on Mill Ave

What you guys need is a trombone player - Panama

ALL COMEDY RADIO - Phoenix AZ - july 05

1480AM All Comedy Radio- "the BS Factor". CLICK HERE to hear them talking about Stephanie's street encounter with us. or...

Hey! It's pretty scab-like for you to be makin' all this money right here when I'm already tryin' to make a buck down the street. I ain't makin' no money now. - some bung hole with no common sense outside the Ball Park

Ok, neither of you can play here any more. Go find a different corner. - Ball Park Security

Mommy look! Mommy look! Look Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! - Small child on Mill Ave

I can't remember last time I smiled so much - Leslie Criger (of Cooperstown)

The annual event (Transperformance) is always a lot of fun, but the big buzz this year was the disappointing performance by Primate Fiasco, currently Hamp's hottest band, which did a surprisingly lame set as Guns n' Roses. -Tommy Devine's Blog

You guys were my favorite set at Transperformance - a guy with GNR shirt

..I also really dug Primate Fiasco's take on G 'n' R (complete with "November Rain" reprise). What a night. - Fredzo (one of the few bloggers to use the words "Primate Fiasco" in a positive way)


Every now and then we like to stop by the old folks home to jam out for some people who can't quite come to our shows. This kind of music was their punk rock back in the day. At the end of one of our performances, the recorder picked up the room's conversations for a minute. We found it adorable and so you should click here to hear it. or...

Can you play Happy Birthday for my friend? - about every 5th person, anywhere.

That was... how did... what... I ... you guys were...... Can I buy you a beer? - Dude at Yucca Tap Room

Keep playing. I have to go get my friends. - a girl on Mill Ave

Who told you to do this? - Random person on Mill Ave. No relation to "the person who told us to do this"

Shit, they was all Bom-bu-dump-bump-ba and then they was wee-da-dwee-delee-da and shit. I was like Yea... yea... 'N then they went all sick and they was blowin that thang! Fer real yo! - Mill ave. White. Probably rich kid.

Click here - to read a review by Sam Dillon of the CT band, Cup of Sun


June 25 2008

MONKEY BUSINESS - Valley Advocate

Kendra Thurlow explores the ideas behind BLOW UP NORTHAMPTON, The Free Primate Fiasco Shows scheduled to come. Read the web version

MASSLIVE.COM - Podcast interview with Dave

June 8, 2008

Interviewwith Dave by Celeb Lyons

Friday, February 15

Reinterpreting 'Sgt. Pepper.'

By Dave Madeloni, Special to The Eagle

Feb 14 2008

Valley Advocate

Jemes Heflin writes about upcoming Sgt Pepper show at the Iron Horse.

Read it.

NEW YEARS 08 Hartford Courant Blog
by Colin McEnroe

Colin comments on our New Years Eve show and others respond.

Oct 07

talks about our 3rd Circus as the date creeps up at Pearl St

It's a very well writen article by Ken Maiuri

read it

Oct 07


Another article about upcoming Happy Pill Circus 3 at Pearl st

Article by Kendra Thurlow

read it

Advocate Halo 07 - Each year, the Vally Advocate gives halos or horns to evil doers or good doers. We were good doers in 07. Here's what they wrote..
Primate Fiasco. It's so great to watch this fabulously fun Dixieland pop extravaganza play on the street in Northampton (with hula-hooper in tow) that you can't find parking anymore. Why do they have to be so entertaining?

Aug 07


story on Transperformance, where we performed THE WALL by Pink Floyd.

read the online version from


A story about our fund raiser for the 1st Church of Northampton.

read it

Click here - to read a review online from our first show in Northampton.

93.9 THE RIVER - May 07

Monte Belmonte interviews Dave about the second Happy Pill Circus. LISTEN

The Republican - July 07

click to enlarge article

Wednesday, March 21st 2007

Monte Belmonte, radio personality for 93.9 THE RIVER, camped out on the lawn of the courthouse in Downtown Northamton in order to raise his goal of $5,000 for The Cancer Connection. The Cancer Connection is a local organization that helps people cope with cancer. Monte asked The Primate Fiasco to do our thing just like we normally do on Main St. But this time we would be collecting money instead of just playing for the heck of it. Megan E Lebonte (Hoop Master Sass) joined in with the famous hoola hoops. It was way too cold for our instruments. Nothing was in tune. Fingers were flying off of hands. But whatever. We were still helping. People were stopping by and calling the radio station to give money the whole time.

As a result, Monte made his $5,000 goal before nightfall but camped in the cold anyway. Because he's the shizzle. For more info on the Cancer Connection click here.

Channel 22 News caught us playing on the street.

ESPN coverage of our performance at the ASU LSU game (comming soon). ASU considered it's Sun Devil Stadium to be LSU's home field for the day while LSU's home field was under water. All ticket sales went to hurricane releif efforts. The Primate Fiasco was calle din to create a New Orleans environment for LASU and the hurricane displaced Luisiana citizens residing in Arizona.

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